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Sri Velukkudi Krishnan Swami

Dear BhakthAs:

On July 28, 2000 , Sri U.Ve. Velukkudi Krishnan Swamy blessed us with an UpanyAsam on Srimath RaamAyaNa Tani SlOkam commentary by Swamy Periya VaacchAn PILLai.Even at short notice, many bhakthAs participated in this tele-upanyAsam from Chennai. It was 6 AM at Chennai and Sri VeLukkudi Swamy put aside the parishramams of that early morning hour and spoke to us for nearly two hours over the Tele-bridge. The second UpanyAsam in this series is scheduled for tomorrow evening.We are indeed fortunate.

Sriman Velukkudi KrishNan Swamy needs no introduction to the aasthika Sri VaishNavaa community . He travels tirelessly around India and abroad (Singapore most recently )to spread the sweet and enduring messages of our dear AzhwArs and AchAryALs , which are our cherished Kula dhanmas . He gave up his thriving career as C.P.A to carry on the great kaimkaryam of his revered father , Parama padha Vaasi Sri U.Ve.Velukkudi VaradAcchAr Swamy .

The chaste Tamil used by Sri VeLukkudi KrishNan Swamy in his UpanyAsams with rich content is a true delight to the ear and mind.

- by Sri V. SatakOpan

To listen to the Upanyasam, please send an email to elayavalli@hotmail.com.

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Kesavan Srinivasan X S
Krishna Kalale S S X S
Krishnamachari N. S S S X X X S S
Mani Varadarajan S S S S S
Mohan Sagar X X S
Muralidhar Rajagopalan S S S S S
Murari P X X X X S
Narayanan Seshadhri S S S S S
Radha Rangarajan X S S
Raghavan Kannan S S S S S S
Rangarajan Saurirajan X X S
Sadagopan V. S X SS
Shantha Varadarajan S X
Sheela Belur S SS S S S S S S
Srinath Chakravarthy X S S S S S S S S S S
Sridhar Srinivasan X SSSSS S S S S S
Sudharshan Parthasarathy S S S S
Tirumanjanam Rengarajan S S S
Uchani Deivachilai X S S S S
Umesh Ramaswamy X S S
Vaman Kidambi X S S
Varadhan T. A. X
Venkataraman Chandarasekaran X S
Venkatesh Elayavalli S S S S S S S S S
Venky Venkatesan X S S S S S S S
Vijay Triplicane S S X S S
Vijayn Ramaswamy X X X X X X S